Tuscany Leather® Tradition
The traditions in Tuscan leather craftsmanship and tanning of Tuscany Leather® products have existed and have been consolidated for centuries.
Nowadays, the products have ultra modern design, improved ergonomics to answer modern needs while preserving the old traditions.
The designs of many of the products have not changed and are typical for ancient products with modern functions. This is their uniqueness and strength.

Tuscany Leather Tradition

Craftsmanship Excellence
The products are assembled in the traditional way, but modern technology helps in the effort to respond to the ever increasing demand of the expanding market.
The leather is tanned according the old tanning tradition of the 19th century using vegetable tannins in full respect of the environment.
Tuscany Leather have extremely high standards in every aspect of the production cycle - from choosing the best leather, tanning, creating highest quality products, sending it personally in a sealed package to protect the product and giving it 24 months warranty. Why is that being done? Because they are completely confident in the quality of their products and the satisfaction it will bring to their customers.
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