Authentic Product

Tuscany Leather® - Italian leather bags
All authentic Tuscany Leather® products come with a seal tag and label, a certificate of guarantee and an anti-counterfeit hologram.
The seal tag can be found attached to each product, its label contains the certificate of guarantee attesting a 24 months warranty offered by the manufacturer.
The seal tag and the hologram add value to the product. The hologram is attached to the front side of the tag label, where the brand logo is engraved.

Tuscany Leather Authentic Product

Tuscany Leather® - bags made in Italy
It is indestructible and makes it impossible to counterfeit Tuscany Leather products. It serves as proof of authenticity and contains micro-data.
Do not purchase Tuscany Leather® products without the mentioned certification. We are an official Tuscany Leather® retailer. In most cases products are sent directly by the Tuscany Leather® factory (We keep small stock in our warehouse in USA). We guarantee  high quality products (personally tested), with a clearly determined origin.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the products or our service. We answer fast. Happy shopping.
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